Board of directors

The Enlabs Board of directors and their working practices

Working practices of the board of directors

The company shall comply with the regulations of the Swedish Companies Act regarding corporate governance. The board of directors of Enlabs AB have therefore adopted a work plan for their activities, instructions regarding the division of duties between the board of directors and the chief executive officer which address their tasks, reporting obligations, and approved instructions for financial reporting. The work plan is reviewed annually.

Niklas Braathen

Board chair

Born 1963, Board chair since May 2013. Previous board member from May 2011 to May 2013.

Niklas has long experience in the gaming industry having started his own operations as early as 1985. He has since operated from Riga, Latvia where in 1989, he founded Baltic Gaming group through which he operated a chain of licensed gaming halls and casinos mainly in Eastern Europe. In 2005, the Baltic operations of this corporate group merged with Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) based in Estonia and the new group was listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange in 2006. In 2007, Niklas sold the Latvian gaming business Optibet to Enlabs AB (when it was Redbet Holding AB) to become the new company's largest shareholder. Niklas is Board chair in the wholly-owned subsidiary Lifland Gaming AB, which is the group's holding company for all gaming operations, and he is a board member in several of the overseas companies in the group. He also has several board assignments in foreign companies operating in banking, finance, real estate and gaming. Niklas is Chairman of Erlinghundra AB, which owns 13,979,577 in Enlabs.

Peter Åström

Member board of directors

Born 1966, Member board of directors since May 2013

Peter has long experience in leading managerial positions, including CEO for Scanditoy AB, Alga AB, Entraction Holding AB. He also previously worked seven years in the Schibsted Media Group including as manager for Aftonbladet Nya Medier, Hierta Venture and Finnmer. Peter owns 900 000 shares in Enlabs.

Ludwig Pettersson

Member board of directors

Born 1991, Board member since May 2017

Ludwig is a trained credit controller and has experience in leading companies in licensed environments. Ludwig is the CEO of the peer-to-peer company Savelend and has built that company from scratch with a clear focus on transparency and customer service. Ludwig owns 422,250 shares.

Staffan Dahl

Member board of directors

Born 1974, Board member since May 2017

Staffan is today CEO of Elias Software. He is also founder of Sportway AB and has held senior positions such as CEO of Miinto Sverige AB and sales and marketing director at Entraction Holding AB. Staffan also has more than 12 years of experience in the media and television industry. Staffan owns 100,000 shares.

Christian Haupt

Member board of directors

Born 1968, Board member since May 2018

Christian has extensive experience from the online gaming sector. He founded in 1999, which was sold ten years later and has since invested and held ownership interest in various companies in the online gaming sector. In addition to his involvement in online gaming, Christian has also founded the liquorice manufacturer Haupt Lakrits.