Senior executives

Senior executives in Enlabs

Robert Andersson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Robert is President and CEO of Nordic Leisure since mid-April 2018. He has long experience of leading positions in various companies, including CEO of Catena Media and River. Prior to that, he worked at the game developer DICE in Stockholm with responsibility for business development. Robert is also Chairman of the Board of Isbit Games.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 500,000

Miko Salo

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Miko was hired in the fall of 2018 and is responsible for gaming business area. Miko was previously Director of Acquisition and Retention at Gaming Innovation Group. Before that, he held the positions Head of Commercial and Head of Growth at Mr Green.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 119,349

Sami Koponen

Head of Media

Sami was hired in the fall of 2018 to lead and develop the Media business area. Sami comes from Mr. Green where he was regional manager and acting head of SEO. He also has experience from e.g. Catena Media and Taxify.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 109,349

Davit Khatiashvili

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Davit joined Enlabs in 2017 as an IT Product Owner and was promoted in 2019 to CTO. Davit has a bachelors degree in Arts and Science from Ilia State University of Georgia. For the past 11 years he has held several roles within the industry.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 0

George Ustinov

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

George joined the group in 2017 and got promoted to CFO in 2018. He has a bachelors degree in economics and management from University of Latvia. Previously he has undertaken leadership positions at global fast paced online consumer lender Creamfinance and financial audit team at Ernst & Young.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 0

Adam Jonsson

Head of Investor Relations

Adam joined as Group Controller in 2018 and took over responsibility for investor relations in the fall of 2018. Adam comes from PricewaterhouseCoopers and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Lander University, SC, USA.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 500

Alnis Vitols

Head of Legal

Alnis joined Enlabs early 2019 and has two master’s degrees of law from Latvia and England. Over the last decades Alnis has been the head of legal departments of highly regulated markets, such as aviation, payment industry and fintech. Alnis started his career as croupier in the Groups previous casinos.

No. of shares in Enlabs: 0